Comment on Male Born Trans Cyclist Sets World Record in Women’s 200m Sprint by mauloa

As long as other real woman compete, and as long as the sports leadership supports this faux sport -- it will remain as such. The day all other real women refuse to compete and the sports event either has one participant or is cancelled -- it just might be the day the sport goes back to being a "woman's competition". Women who continue to attempt to compete makes them enablers.

Comment on Video: Mike Huckabee Calls Sen. Romney A ‘Pervert’ Over Use of Fake Twitter Account Used To Bash Trump by coolit10

He made the bulk of his fortune buying depressed companies, breaking them up, raiding the pension plans and firing the employees who now had no pension or job.. Someone needs to ask him how many people he caused to be fired for no reason. A really smart guy would have restructured their loans and made changes in the business and slowly brought it back, if he was a good leader. Romney is just a self-centered narcissist and sociopath that hates other people. He needs to just go away Utah and take the two faced Mike Lee with him. One day Lee is shaking your hand and smiling and the next day he is stabbing you in the back, sort of like Cruz and little Marco, we are very lucky Trump won even if he doesn't do anything else, but he is doing great things and will do even more.

Comment on Transgender Activists Force Sanitary Towel Brand To Remove ‘Woman’ Symbol by mauloa

And these sick fools think wearing a maxi-pad will make them a woman. This won't happen, and then these sick people will move on to some other "symbol" that they believe will make them a woman - and when that doesn't work - they will move on to another... get the picture. The real insanity are the companies that pander - they are the really sick ones because they should have anything to prove.