Comment on Barbra Streisand Posts Picture of Nancy Pelosi Impaling Trump by LIVE FREE OR DIE

Except that some people name the Hanoi Hussie as being a player in the world's PedoRings. BTW - when the khunt went to NV, the Hanoi Hilton she stayed at was only 2 miles from McStain's camp. My instincts are screaming the two of them were hiffin' & puffin' while she blew his house down; then she could have stolen children from NV for her Pedowood masters, while she spit in the faces of young GI's returning from SE Asia.

Comment on Hundreds of Pro-Hong Kong Activists Attend Nets NBA Game by Zero Nada

How ironic that the Negro Basketball Association - a Modern Plantation League "Concerned" about Social Justice for Blacks doesn't give a Shit about Chinese or Freedom. LeBroni James an Outspoken barely literate Rich Nigger was "Worried" about his "Safety" & "Inconvenience" & says Free Speech is "Dangerous". He's an Obama Nigger Commie & the NBA is Only interested in $$$$$ - don't buy the "Social Justice" Bullshit. God Bless the Hong Kong Protesters they will All eventually be Killed by Ching Chong Chicom Mainland China.