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She has to please the Liberal riffraff in her state to stay in office. That is the only reason I can see, she did come through with Kavanaugh in a pinch. We might want to tread lightly because what she says means nothing. Foreign policy is completely in the hands of the President even if it was pay for play or a special favor, maybe tit for tat, rendition, torture, bribery, execution from a thousand yards, murder, threats or whatever. Obama murdered an American citizen in Yemen with a hellfire missile plus tried to bribe the mullahs in Iran with $1.5 billion. It may be Iran’s money but not the radical muslims in power and Obama had no authority, no agreement with Congress, but did it anyway. She knows that the President can do anything he wants, the Bush clan started two stupid wars along with Cheney, in Irag and one in Afghanistan with nothing, Kennedy started Nam, and Trump is trying to get us out of both Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan and gets no credit. If she loses her seat that is one less Senate seat that we will never be able to get back. She is a politician so cut her some slack.

Exclusive— Stephen Miller Exposes the Deep State: ‘A Collection of Permanent Bureaucrats Enmeshed Inside the Federal Government’

Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, joined Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel this weekend to expose the deep state: forces he said are driving the effort by Democrats to proceed with impeachment against the president.

Rove: Democrats Far from Making the Case that Ukraine Call Is Worthy of Impeachment

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove weighed in on impeachment and the controversy over a whistleblower complaint that President Donald Trump urged Ukraine’s president to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. Rove said

Jackson Lee on Impeachment: ‘I Would Hope’ There Are Republicans that Would Choose Their Nation Over Politics

Sunday, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) called on Republicans to choose to put the country over their politics when it comes to impeaching President Donald Trump. “CNN Newsroom” host Ana Cabrera asked Jackson Lee if any of her House GOP

Turkey announces incursion of northeast Syria, US-backed Kurds have vowed ‘all-out’ war

The White House announced late Sunday that Turkey will soon move forward with its planned military operation in northeast Syria in an area where U.S. troops have been deployed and operating with Kurdish-led forces.

The US-Iran Silent War Is Suddenly Transformed Into An “Iraq Uprising”

The US-Iran Silent War Is Suddenly Transformed Into An “Iraq Uprising”

Authored by Elijah Magnier, Middle East based chief international war correspondent for Al Rai Media

The last four days have shown that the ongoing US-Iran war is acutely affecting the whole region. This is now evident in Iraq where more than 105 people have been killed and thousands wounded in the course of demonstrations that engulfed the capital Baghdad and southern Shia cities including Amara, Nasririyeh, Basrah, Najaf and Karbalaa. Similar demonstrations could erupt in Beirut and other Lebanese cities due to the similarity of economic conditions in the two countries. The critical economic situation in the Middle East offers fertile ground for uprisings that lead to general chaos.

Iraq has special status due to its position, since the 2003 US occupation of the country, as both an Iranian and as a US ally. Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi up to now has armed himself with article 8 of the constitution, seeking to keep Iraq as a balancing point between all allies and neighboring countries, and to prevent Mesopotamia from becoming a battlefield for conflicts between the US and Iran or Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Notwithstanding the efforts of Baghdad officials, the deterioration of the domestic economic situation in Iraq has pushed the country into a situation comparable to that of those Middle Eastern countries who were hit by the so-called “Arab Spring”. 

Fueled by real grievances including lack of job opportunities and severe corruption, domestic uprisings were manipulated by hostile foreign manipulation for purposes of regime change; these efforts have been ongoing in Syria since 2011. Baghdad believes that foreign and regional countries took advantage of the justified demands of the population to implement their own agenda, with disastrous consequences for the countries in question.

Sources within the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister said “the recent demonstrations were already planned a couple of months ago. Baghdad was working to try and ease the situation in the country, particularly since the demands of the population are legitimate. The Prime Minister has inherited the corrupt system that has developed since 2003; hundreds of billions of dollars have been diverted into the pockets of corrupt politicians. Moreover, the war on terror used not only all the country’s resources but forced Iraq to borrow billions of dollars for the reconstruction of the security forces and other basic needs.” 

“The latest demonstrations were supposed to be peaceful and legitimate because people have the right to express their discontent, concerns and frustration. However, the course of events showed a different objective: 16 members of the security forces were killed along with tens of civilians and many government and party buildings were set on fire and completely destroyed. This sort of behavior has misdirected the real grievances of the population onto a disastrous course: creating chaos in the country. Who benefits from the disarray in Iraq?”

The unrest in Iraqi cities coincides with an assassination attempt against Iran’s Soleimani. Sources believe that the “assassination attempt against the commander of the Iranian IRGC-Quds Brigade Qassem Soleimani is not a pure coincidence but related to events in Iraq”.

“Soleimani was in Iraq during the selection of the key leaders of the country. He has a lot of influence, like the Americans who have their own people. If Soleimani is removed, those who may have been behind the recent unrest may think it will create enough confusion in Iraq and Iran, allowing room for a possible coup d’état carried out by military or encouraged by foreign forces, Saudi Arabia and the US in this case. Killing Soleimani, in the minds of foreign actors, could lead to chaos, leading to a reduction of Iranian influence in Iraq”, said the sources.

The recent decisions of Abdel Mahdi made him extremely unpopular with the US. He has declared Israel responsible for the destruction of the five warehouses of the Iraqi security forces, Hashd al-Shaabi, and the killing of one commander on the Iraqi-Syrian borders. He opened the crossing at al-Qaem between Iraq and Syria to the displeasure of the US embassy in Baghdad, whose officers expressed their discomfort to Iraqi officials. He expressed his willingness to buy the S-400 and other military hardware from Russia.

Abdel Mahdi agreed with China to reconstruct essential infrastructure in exchange for oil, and gave a $284 million electricity deal to a German rather than an American company. The Iraqi Prime Minister refused to abide by US sanctions and is still buying electricity from Iran and allowing the exchange of commerce that is bringing large amounts of foreign currency and boosting the Iranian economy. And lastly, Abdel Mahdi rejected the “Deal of the Century” proposed by the US: he is trying to mediate between Iran and Saudi Arabia and therefore is showing his intention to keep away from the US objectives and policies in the Middle East.

US officials expressed their complete dissatisfaction with Abdel Mahdi’s policy to many Iraqi officials. The Americans consider that their failure to capture Iraq as an avant-garde country against Iran is a victory for Tehran. However, this is not what the Iraqi Prime Minister is aiming at. He is genuinely trying to keep away from the US-Iran war, but is confronted with increasing difficulties.

Abdel Mahdi took over governance in Iraq when the economy was at a catastrophic level. He is struggling in his first year of governance even though Iraq is considered to have the fourth largest of the world’s oil reserves. A quarter of Iraq’s over 40 million people live at poverty level.

The Marjaiya in Najaf intervened to calm down the situation, showing its capacity to control the mob. Its representative in Karbalaa Sayyed Ahmad al-Safi emphasises the importance of fighting corruption and creating an independent committee to put the country back on track. Al-Safi said it was necessary to start serious reforms and asked the Parliament, in particular “the biggest coalition”, to assume its responsibility. 

The biggest group belongs to Sayyed Moqtada al-Sadr, with 53 MPs. Moqtada declared – contrary to what the Marjaiya hoped – the suspension of his group from the parliament rather than assuming his responsibilities. Moqtada is calling for early elections, an election where he is not expected to gather more than 12-15 MPs. Al-Sadr, who visits Saudi Arabia and Iran for no strategic objective, is trying to ride the horse of grievance so he can take advantage of the just requests of the demonstrators. Moqtada and the other Shia groups who rule the country today, in alliance with Kurds and Sunni minorities, are the ones to respond to the people’s requests, and not hide behind those in the street asking for the end of corruption, for more job opportunities, and improvement of their conditions of life.

Prime Minister Abdel Mahdi doesn’t have a magic wand; the people can’t wait for very long. Notwithstanding their justified demands, the people were “not alone in the streets. The majority of social media hashtags were Saudi: indicating that Abdel Mahdi’s visits to Saudi Arabia and his mediation between Riyadh and Tehran have not rendered him immune to regime change efforts supported by Saudi,” said the source. Indeed, Iraq’s neighbours gave strong indications to the Prime Minister that Iraq’s relation Iran is the healthiest and the most stable of relations with neighbouring countries. Tehran didn’t conspire against him even if it was the only country whose flag was burned by some demonstrators and reviled in the streets of Baghdad during the last days of unrest.

The critical economic situation is making the Middle East vulnerable to unrest. Most countries are suffering due to the US sanctions on Iran and the monstrous financial expenditure on US weapons. US President Donald Trump is trying hard to empty Arab leaders’ pockets and keep Iran as the main scarecrow to drain Gulf finances. The Saudi war on Yemen is also another destabilizing factor in the Middle East, allowing plenty of room for tension and confrontation.

Iraq seems headed for instability as one aspect of the multidimensional US war on Iran; the US is demanding support and solidarity from Gulf and Arab countries to stand behind its plans. Iraq is not conforming to all US demands. The Iraqi parliament and political parties represent the majority of the population; regime change is therefore unlikely, but neighboring countries and the US will continue to exploit domestic grievances. It is not clear whether Abdel Mahdi will manage to keep Iraq stable. What is clear is that US-Iran tensions are not sparing any country in the Middle East.

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Korea Box Office: ‘Joker’ Dominates Weekend Ahead of ‘Crazy Romance’

Opening on Wednesday (Oct. 2), “Joker” landed on top of the South Korean box office. The Warner Bros. Korea release earned $16.2 million from 2.2 million admissions over opening five days, including $9.57 million earned over the weekend proper. Showing on 1,418 screens nationwide, the Joaquin Phoenix-starring psychological thriller accounted for 52% of the weekend […]

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FAcebook is calling for the murder of conservatives.

I say we start with Jabba the Slob and just keep going. Khilllallahdem

The publisher of the “Q” Book was fatally poisoned in Mexico; his wife survived.

I reiterate: allahdem.

Joe Biden Donors Gather for Emergency Closed-Door Meeting as Campaign Loses Steam

Joe Biden’s top political donors gathered for an emergency closed-door meeting this weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as his campaign falls behind rivals in both funds and polling.

Airport Customs Agent Badgers Journalist; Won’t Let Pass Until He Admits To ‘Writing Propaganda’

Airport Customs Agent Badgers Journalist; Won’t Let Pass Until He Admits To ‘Writing Propaganda’

A journalist for Defense One was badgered by a Customs and Border Protection individual while passing through Dulles International Airport on a return trip from Denmark – forcing the newsman, Ben Watson, to admit to writing ‘propaganda’ before he was allowed to pass. 

Of note, Defense One is rated as being “Least Biased” by Media Bias/Fact Check, and publishes “well written, well sourced, and highly factual” articles. 

Read below for an account of the incident by Defense Ones Ben Watson and Bradley Peniston.


A U.S. passport screening official held a Defense One journalist’s passport until he received an affirmative answer to this repeated question: “You write propaganda, right?” 

The incident took place about 4 p.m. on Thursday at Dulles International Airport. News Editor Ben Watson was returning from an assignment in Denmark when he entered permanent resident reentry aisle No. 17 at Dulles. After the Customs and Border Protection official asked the usual question about undeclared fruit or meat, the interaction took an unusual and unsettling turn.

Watson recalls the conversation: 

CBP officer, holding Watson’s passport: “What do you do?”

Watson: “Journalism.”

CBP officer: “So you write propaganda, right?”

Watson: “No.”

CBP officer: “You’re a journalist?”

Watson: “Yes.”

CBP officer: “You write propaganda, right?”

Watson: “No. I am in journalism. Covering national security. And homeland security. And with many of the same skills I used in the U.S. Army as a public affairs officer. Some would argue that’s propaganda.”

CBP officer: “You’re a journalist?”

Watson: “Yes.”

CBP officer: “You write propaganda, right?”

Watson waited five seconds. Then: “For the purposes of expediting this conversation, yes.”

CBP officer, a fourth time: “You write propaganda, right?”

Watson, again: “For the purposes of expediting this conversation, yes.”

CBP officer: “Here you go.” 

At that point, the CBP officer handed back the passport.

The CBP official’s behavior appeared to violate the spirit, and possibly the letter, of DHS’s internal Directive 0480.1, “Ethics/Standards of Conduct”; DHS Code of Conduct § 102-74.445; and possibly U.S. Customs and Border Protection Directive 51735-013A, “Standards of Conduct.” 

Watson has filed a civil rights complaint with DHS.

Update: In an email, a CBP spokesperson said that the agency is aware of and is investigating the “allegation about an officer’s alleged inappropriate conduct at Washington Dulles International airport,” adding that the agency holds its employees accountable and does not tolerate inappropriate comments or behavior. The spokesperson declined to be identified.

In a separate email, a DHS spokesperson said that the agency’s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties office has “received the information and is reviewing it.” The spokesperson declined to be identified.

Over the past year, several journalists have reported being harassed and even detained by U.S. customs agents. In February, CBP officials apologized to a BuzzFeed reporter who was aggressively questioned upon entering New York’s JFK Airport. In June, freelance reporter Seth Harp described his hours-long detention by CBP officers in the Austin, Texas, airport. In August, British journalist James Dyer said he was harassed as “fake news” by a CBP agent at Los Angeles International Airport. “He wanted to know if I’d ever worked for CNN or MSNBC or other outlets that are ‘spreading lies to the American people,’ ” he tweeted, per a Washington Post story that links to other instances of CBP harassment of journalists.

The Post also noted that in April, the United States’ ranking in the annual World Freedom Press Index dropped for a third year in a row. It classified the treatment of journalists in the United States as “problematic,” a first in the 17 years the report has been issued. The report’s authors attributed the decline “to President Trump’s anti-press rhetoric and continuing threats to journalists,” the Post reported at the time. Watson, who writes the D Brief newsletter and produces the Defense One Radio podcast, said that he’d never before encountered a CBP officer who’d tried to extract a statement in this way. And he noted that the incident was particularly striking in the wake of his reporting trip, during which Danish officials had voiced concerns about a global decline in respect for and adherence to a rules-based order, beginning in the United States. 

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REPORT: Reward swells to thousands for info on Missouri beagle found skinned alive  

As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by FOXNEWS.COM:

An $8,000 reward is being offered for information in the case of a pet beagle that was found skinned-alive in southwest Missouri last month, police said Thursday.

Neosho police Lt. Jason Baird said the dog’s entire backside was removed from its neck to its tail and down to the top of its legs.

The article goes on to state the following:

A subdivision resident reported seeing the injured animal emerge from a wooded area of Neosho – about 170 miles south of Kansas City – on Sept. 23, Baird said. The beagle was in obvious pain when officers caught it, and the decision was made to put it down, he added.

To get more information about this article, please visit FOXNEWS.COM. To weigh in, leave a comment below.

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EXCLUSIVE: Kamala Harris tweets out list of wild claims against Trump

2020 Democrat presidential contender Sen. Kamala Harris, who is currently only polling at less than 5 percent nationwide, declared on Twitter Sunday evening that President Trump has “gotta go,” and shared a list of reasons to support her claim.

Harris tweeted:

Donald Trump sold out people when he passed a tax bill benefitting the top 1%.

He sold out our values when he started putting babies in cages in the name of border security.

He sold out our country when he took Putin’s word over our intelligence community.

Dude gotta go.

Earlier on Sunday, Harris declared that the whistleblowers “must be protected from intimidation and harassment by the president and his Administration.”

She also called for the release of transcripts and memos of the president’s calls with China:

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Pat Buchanan Dares To Ask – Is China The Country Of The Future?

Pat Buchanan Dares To Ask – Is China The Country Of The Future?

Authored by Patrick Buchanan via,

“Who Lost China?”

With the fall of the Nationalist government of Chiang Kai-shek, the defeat of his armies and the flight to Formosa, that was the question of the hour in 1949. And no one demanded to know more insistently than the anti-Communist Congressman John F. Kennedy:

“Whatever share of the responsibility was Roosevelt’s and whatever share was (General George) Marshall’s, the vital interest of the United States in the independent integrity of China was sacrificed, and the foundation was laid for the present tragic situation in the Far East.”

Tragic indeed was the situation. The most populous nation on earth, for which America had risked and fought a war with the Japanese Empire, had been lost to Stalin’s empire.

A year after Peking fell to Mao Zedong, Chinese armies stormed into Korea to drive the Americans back from the Yalu River and back across the 38th parallel, threatening to throw them off the Peninsula.

In the seven decades since October 1949, millions of Chinese have perished in ideological pogroms like the “Great Leap Forward” of the ’50s, and the “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” during which President Nixon came to China.

Yet in terms of national and state power over those 70 years, and especially in the last 30 when America threw open her markets to Chinese goods and Beijing ran up $4 trillion to $5 trillion in trade surpluses with the U.S., a new China arose. It was on display this week in Tiananmen Square.

The China of Xi Jinping boasts land- and submarine-based missiles and bombers that provide a strategic deterrent against the United States. Beijing’s conventional forces on land, sea, and in air and space rival any on earth.

Since Y2K, its economy has swept past that of Italy, France, Britain, Germany and Japan to become the world’s second largest. China is now the world’s premier manufacturing power.

Yet, under Xi Jinping, the mask of benign giant has slipped and the menacing face of 21st-century China is being revealed, for its people, its neighbors, and the world to see.

The Uighurs of west China are being forced into re-education camps to be cured of their tribalist, nationalist and Islamic beliefs. Christians are being persecuted. Tibetans are being replaced in their homeland by Han Chinese. The Communist Party’s role and rule as the font of ideological, political and moral truth is being elevated and imposed.

The Chinese still hold land seized from India 50 years ago. China now claims as sovereign territory virtually all of a South China Sea, which encompasses territorial waters of six nations. It has begun building air, naval and military bases on rocks and reefs belonging to Manila.

China has warned foreign warships to stay out of the Taiwan Strait and has built up its force on the mainland opposite the island, warning that any move by Taiwan to declare independence would be regarded as an act of war. It claims the Japanese-held Senkaku Islands.

In its Belt and Road projects to tie China to Central and South Asia and Europe, China has lent billions to build ports, only to take possession of the facilities when local regimes default on their loans.

But not all is going well for the regime on its 70th birthday.

The people of Hong Kong, who are surely being cheered by many on the mainland of China, have been protesting for months, demanding the liberty and independence for which American patriots fought in our Revolution, not Mao’s revolution.

Nor are the newly prosperous Chinese people fools. They relish the rising power of China and the respect their country commands in the world, but they know it was not Marx, Lenin or Mao who produced their prosperity. It was capitalism. They cannot but be uneasy seeing the freedoms and benefits they enjoy being dissipated in a trade war with the Americans and the new repression issuing from Beijing.

Among the epochal blunders America has committed since the end of the Cold War, three stand out.

The first was our disastrous plunge into the Middle East to create regimes oriented to the West.

The second was the expansion of NATO to the front porch of Russia, driving the largest nation on earth, and one of its most formidable nuclear powers, into the arms of China.

The third was to throw open America’s markets to Chinese goods on favorable terms, which led to the enrichment and empowerment of a regime whose long-term threat to U.S. interests and American values is as great as was that of the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

The question for America’s statesmen is how to cope with the rising challenge of China while avoiding a war that would be a calamity for all mankind. Patience, prudence and perseverance commend themselves.

But the first necessity is to toss out the ideological liberalism which proclaims that David Ricardo’s free trade dogmatism is truth for all nations at all times and that John Locke’s ideas apply to all cultures and countries.

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Comment on Mitch McConnell Ends Nancy Pelosi’s Reign of Terror: ‘Impeachment stops with me as majority leader’ by Jerry

Watch this clip please. and follow the Q news on U-Tube (Patriot News Hour; X-22 Report; Red Pill 78; Vincent Vendetta, this guy wears a mask and is somewhat theatrical but his information and news is dead on accurate…. Also C-Vine International on FB. (Plan to Save The World-Q)


The Military Industrial Complex, (Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, etc.) the Auto Industry, Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Big Produce Cooperates have been lying to the public for decades and controlling the information media so we are programed to think what we’re told is the truth. We’re actually living over 70 years behind the known technology these lying bastards have hidden so they can continue to make trillions of dollars off the public…They’re known as “The Illuminati, The Deep State, the MIC, and/or The Cabal” and they run the World, and have for generations.(Think 1900’s) Their downfall is coming and it started with Weinstein, then NEXIUM, and now Epstein.

There’s a world wide sex trafficking, pedophilia, Satanic human sacrifice, and Cannibalistic group with thousands of very powerful, rich and elite people known to be involved. There’s ALSO a Federal Prosecutor, named John Huber in Utah that has a group of 470 Federal Investigators on his staff. They’ve been working for over two years on all of the above mentioned crimes. They currently have over 120,000 sealed federal indictments involving the above elites and other criminals. When those indictments are unsealed and mass arrests start happening worldwide, it will totally shock the world and a new awakening of truth and reality will be the result. Trump is the catalyst that started the movement and has refurbished and restaffed GITMO, for the Military Tribunals the above will be tried under. (The Death Penalty, No Civilian Courts with endless appeals and other BS) Then after 2020, when he’s got 4 more years to run without interference, World Peace and Prosperity will be a reality. You probably think I’m totally Insane, but I’ve done extensive homework and research on this stuff. Hell, I’m retired and it gives me something to keep my mind active. I DO NOT believe the “Q” info is BS and I DO believe some major shit is gonna happen within a year or two.

TRUMP TWEETS: Calls for Pelosi to be impeached!

President Trump blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, along with Rep. Adam Schiff in a new round of criticism Sunday night, calling for the whole bunch of them to be impeached!

The president has been pounding Democrats for their efforts to oust him from office through a recently launched impeachment inquiry.

Trump has especially blasted Schiff for reading a fabricated version of his phone conversation with the president of Ukraine, during a congressional hearing.

Trump tweeted the following two-part statement on Twitter Sunday night:

Nancy Pelosi knew of all of the many Shifty Adam Schiff lies and massive frauds perpetrated upon Congress and the American people, in the form of a fraudulent speech knowingly delivered as a ruthless con, and the illegal meetings with a highly partisan “Whistleblower” & lawyer…

….This makes Nervous Nancy every bit as guilty as Liddle’ Adam Schiff for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, and even Treason. I guess that means that they, along with all of those that evilly “Colluded” with them, must all be immediately Impeached!

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