Comment on Another Republican Senator Starts To Align With Democrats by coolit10

She has to please the Liberal riffraff in her state to stay in office. That is the only reason I can see, she did come through with Kavanaugh in a pinch. We might want to tread lightly because what she says means nothing. Foreign policy is completely in the hands of the President even if it was pay for play or a special favor, maybe tit for tat, rendition, torture, bribery, execution from a thousand yards, murder, threats or whatever. Obama murdered an American citizen in Yemen with a hellfire missile plus tried to bribe the mullahs in Iran with $1.5 billion. It may be Iran's money but not the radical muslims in power and Obama had no authority, no agreement with Congress, but did it anyway. She knows that the President can do anything he wants, the Bush clan started two stupid wars along with Cheney, in Irag and one in Afghanistan with nothing, Kennedy started Nam, and Trump is trying to get us out of both Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan and gets no credit. If she loses her seat that is one less Senate seat that we will never be able to get back. She is a politician so cut her some slack.

Comment on Mitch McConnell Ends Nancy Pelosi’s Reign of Terror: ‘Impeachment stops with me as majority leader’ by Jerry

Watch this clip please. and follow the Q news on U-Tube (Patriot News Hour; X-22 Report; Red Pill 78; Vincent Vendetta, this guy wears a mask and is somewhat theatrical but his information and news is dead on accurate.... Also C-Vine International on FB. (Plan to Save The World-Q) _____________________________________________________________ QUESTION EVERYTHING; The Military Industrial Complex, (Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, etc.) the Auto Industry, Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Big Produce Cooperates have been lying to the public for decades and controlling the information media so we are programed to think what we're told is the truth. We're actually living over 70 years behind the known technology these lying bastards have hidden so they can continue to make trillions of dollars off the public...They're known as "The Illuminati, The Deep State, the MIC, and/or The Cabal" and they run the World, and have for generations.(Think 1900's) Their downfall is coming and it started with Weinstein, then NEXIUM, and now Epstein. There's a world wide sex trafficking, pedophilia, Satanic human sacrifice, and Cannibalistic group with thousands of very powerful, rich and elite people known to be involved. There's ALSO a Federal Prosecutor, named John Huber in Utah that has a group of 470 Federal Investigators on his staff. They've been working for over two years on all of the above mentioned crimes. They currently have over 120,000 sealed federal indictments involving the above elites and other criminals. When those indictments are unsealed and mass arrests start happening worldwide, it will totally shock the world and a new awakening of truth and reality will be the result. Trump is the catalyst that started the movement and has refurbished and restaffed GITMO, for the Military Tribunals the above will be tried under. (The Death Penalty, No Civilian Courts with endless appeals and other BS) Then after 2020, when he's got 4 more years to run without interference, World Peace and Prosperity will be a reality. You probably think I'm totally Insane, but I've done extensive homework and research on this stuff. Hell, I'm retired and it gives me something to keep my mind active. I DO NOT believe the "Q" info is BS and I DO believe some major shit is gonna happen within a year or two.