Comment on Omar Accuses GOP of “Putting Party over Country” After Their Condemnation of Schiff by Christian Gains

Ihan, your declaration is a bit surprising...Here you, (as I assume, a FAITHFUL Muslim), are chastising a group that are attempting to hold a proven PATHOLOGICAL LIAR to accountability, and yet, you, a Muslim, are defending a NON Muslim LIAR?? I have studied the Qu'ran sufficiently to know that "Takyya"{sp?} please forgive me, I AM a poor speller} is practiced ONLY when NEEDED...and, that LYING is a SERIOUS matter, EVEN when it is an Infidel who is lying. AND...YOU, as the FAITHFUL BELIEVER you are, MUST understand that "a people OF THE BOOK", MUST PUNISH liars...ESPECIALLY when they WILLINGLY LIE & then FALSELY declare that they were just making a "parody" about something that someone NEVER EVEN INSINUATED to say, MUCH LESS said what the liar claimed they had said. I read the ENTIRE "TRANSCRIPT" of the phone call, & conversation, and I found NOTHING even SIMILAR in tone, OR statement, that agreed with the liars' "parody"...AND! (as you know), falsely representing another person's statements, or words, or meanings, is SERIOUSLY WRONG. SO, as I've said, I'm GREATLY SURPRISED that you would support a proven LIAR'S FALSE rendering of another person's conversation. It certainly isn't a good sample, nor reasonable, for you to do so. And it's ESPECIALLY SURPRISING that YOU accuse "people of the Book" of placing PARTY above NATION. Which is EXACTLY the opposite of what is being done! The NATION is being protected!