Pelosi Says Trump Jeopardized US Security by Delaying Ukraine Aid, But Obama Denied Lethal Weapons Altogether

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused President Donald Trump on Wednesday of undermining United States security by delaying the release of military aid to Ukraine, but former President Barack Obama denied sending lethal weapons altogether following Russia’s 2014 invasion. During a Capitol Hill news conference, Pelosi stated that Trump’s action put the U.S. at risk and…

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New York Film Review: ‘Born to Be’

In “Born to Be,” Tania Cypriano’s moving and fascinatingly forward-looking documentary about the Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery in New York City, we meet a handful of eager, at times desperate folks who are engaged in the existential medical conundrum of doing everything they can to become the people they are. One […]

Rudy Giuliani claims unsolicited Biden info sparked his Ukraine probe on behalf of Trump: ‘They put it in my lap’

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani claimed Wednesday he did not go seeking information about former Vice President Joe Biden during his own investigation into Ukraine on behalf of the president.

VIDEO: Eric Trump blasts media for ignoring Hunter Biden: ‘The hypocrisy is incredible’

As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by FOXNEWS.COM:

Trump Organization executive vice president Eric Trump claimed the media would be camped outside his New York City apartment if he acted like Hunter Biden, son of Democratic 2020 presidential frontrunner Joe Biden.

“The double standard — the hypocrisy is incredible,” he said, pointing to the younger Biden’s past position on the board of a Ukrainian energy giant and his work in China.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I spent half my life raising money for dying children at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and I get viciously attacked for it.

Trump pointed out that Hunter was “kicked out of the Navy for drug use,” and that he was “caught multiple times with drug paraphernalia.”

“How many scandals do you have? And then you have Ukraine,” he said.

“The entire media turns a blind eye,” Trump added. “Where are they camping outside [Hunter’s] house? They’d be camping outside mine.”


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Andrew Yang: ‘Trump-Centered’ Media Impeachment Narrative ‘Not Helpful’ for Dems

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is worried that if impeachment dominates the 24-hour news cycle, it will hurt Democrats who are trying to win over swing voters who have been impacted by automation associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Brandon Smith: Trump Cannot Be Anti-Globalist While Working With Global Elites

Brandon Smith: Trump Cannot Be Anti-Globalist While Working With Global Elites

Authored by Brandon Smith via,

In the summer of 2016 during the election campaign I examined the Trump phenomenon and how it relates to the globalist narrative. I concluded that Trump would be president based on the fact that having a (supposedly) hardcore nationalist and populist conservative in the White House over the next four years would in fact be highly beneficial to the elites. At the time the Federal Reserve was getting ready to tighten liquidity, which would inevitably lead to market volatility and a crash in fundamentals. By the end of Trump’s first term, or perhaps at the beginning of his second term, the recessionary crisis would become obvious to the general public. Trump, and all conservatives, would be blamed for the resulting disaster that the banking elites engineered.

During the election it was unclear to me if Donald Trump was a puppet of the elites. He could have simply been a convenient scapegoat for the coming crash. Today, it is obvious that he is indeed controlled opposition.

As I’ve noted in numerous articles, Trump’s associations with the globalists go way back. He was saved by the Rothschild banking family from crippling debts in multiple property developments in Atlantic City during the 1990’s. The Rothschild agent that handled Trump’s bailout was none other than Wilbur Ross, the senior managing director of Rothschild New York. Ross is now Trump’s Commerce Secretary, which indicates that his relationship to the Rothschilds continues to this day.

In 2016 Trump offered positions in the White House to a vast array of global elitists, some of them from the Council on Foreign Relations, a think tank whose stated goals include the erasure of borders and the end of national sovereignty. These members include:

Elaine Chao, United States Secretary of Transportation

Jamie Dimon, Member of Strategic and Policy Forum

Jim Donovan, Deputy Treasury Secretary

Larry Fink, Member of Strategic and Policy Forum

Neil M. Gorsuch, Supreme Court Justice

Vice Admiral Robert S. Harward, National Security Advisor (declined appointment)

Trump then went on to bring in long time elites with ties to the globalist establishment and the Federal Reserve such as John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Robert Lighthizer, Larry Kudlow, and Steve Mnuchin, etc. The list goes on and on…

During the campaign, Trump consistently (and rightly) criticized Hillary Clinton’s many ties to the banking cabal, including her close relationship with internationalist banks like Goldman Sachs. He also made multiple criticisms against globalism.  Then, he argued that the economic recovery under Obama was actually a massive financial bubble – the markets were artificially propped up by the Federal Reserve’s stimulus and low interest rates, and indicators like unemployment stats were rigged.  Again, this was all true.

Yet, after his election Trump proceeded to saturate his cabinet with the same banking elites he once attacked, and then he took FULL CREDIT for the markets and the fake employment and GDP numbers only months later.

Once in office, Trump suddenly abandoned his promise to indict the Clintons, and any pursuit of fighting the globalists fell by the wayside. Instead, Trump turned all his attention on China, opening the door to an economic war as a useful distraction for the globalists while they continued to pull the plug on financial life support. If Trump was going to do battle with the globalist establishment, why would he surround himself with so many elites and why would he hold up China as a primary threat instead of global banking institutions?

We still hear Trump talk about how the Federal Reserve is run by ignorant people, and how the “future belongs to patriots, not globalists”, but Trump’s hyperfocus on the markets and the trade war with China do nothing to combat the globalist agenda. In fact, these actions help the globalists immensely.

Trump is sticking to the pattern of criticizing the Fed’s higher interest rates as the cause of the economic downturn while AT THE SAME TIME continuing to take full credit for the same fraudulent economic data and the market bubble he once admonished.  What does this accomplish?  Well, Trump’s job is to undermine conservatives and the liberty movement by pretending to be one of us.  His attacks on the Fed, while legitimate (in part), are meaningless if he maintains that he is the sole reason why the economy and the markets move.

In essence, the globalists are using Trump to delegitimize anti-Fed arguments by attaching him to those arguments AND the failing economy simultaneously.  As he falls from fiscal grace, the intent is that all anti-fed and anti-globalist arguments will die with him.  Who would want to take the same ideological stance as the man who brought the global economy to ruin?  Currently, the mainstream media is focusing on Trump’s hypocrisy in demanding a weaker dollar after calling for a STRONGER dollar during his campaign.  They are also insinuating that Trump is trying to deflect blame onto the Fed while his trade war is the “real cause” of the recession.  I’ve been warning about this outcome for quite some time, and now it’s happening.

Trump’s bizarre behavior vindicates my deepest suspicions during the election – Trump is not just an unwitting scapegoat, he is a participant in the game, playing a theatrical role, a bumbling villain. In the script, he is the anti-globalist who trips over his own hubris and causes the downfall of the American empire. He is playing the pig-headed conservative that proves once and for all why conservative philosophy is “evil” and why the leftists were right all along. Part of his job is to co-opt the liberty movement, redirect its energies into pointless pursuits, and to make us look ridiculous or dangerous by the end of his presidency.

However, there is a bit of a conundrum forming for the elites…

Trump’s true nature is slowly being revealed as we cross the point of no return on the economy and the “global economic reset”.  When Trump openly supports Red Flag gun laws designed to usurp gun rights through back door confiscation, or when he commits to a military buildup by sending troops to Saudi Arabia in an obvious first step towards war with Iran, this causes many conservatives in the liberty movement to question Trump’s loyalties (as they should).  The elites have to find a way to keep conservatives and liberty activists blindly riding the Trump train for as long as possible, for if we begin to question the narrative too soon, it becomes harder for them to draw us into supporting actions which will be blamed for the burgeoning economic and geopolitical crisis.

To be sure, some people in the liberty movement have attached themselves to Trump so completely that there is no escape.  They will now be tempted to double down on their defense of his actions and his associations, forever claiming that Trump is “playing 4D chess” and that he is “keeping his enemies close”, no matter how insane these assertions are.  Some have even argued that conservatives should “go to war” if Trump is impeached.  This is foolish.  Most of us are NOT interested in fighting a civil war over Trump.  If we fight a civil war, it will certainly not be over a puppet of the banking establishment.

Some of these activists are well meaning, but they are playing right into the hands of globalists.  Others are so desperate to maintain relevancy that they will say anything to get attention.

It is vital that liberty activists understand that the Trump presidency is a psyop aimed first and foremost AT THEM. As the leftist media outlet Bloomberg once happily predicted in an editorial titled ‘The Tea Party Meets Its Maker’, Trump could absorb conservative movements (those they called the “Tea Party”) and destroy them once and for all.

Recent events and Trump’s rhetoric are carefully staged to make him appear anti-globalist, but the aggressive nature of this propaganda was predictable. The elites have to draw conservatives back into the fold somehow, and so they are throwing as many crumbs as they can from Trump’s table without him actually accomplishing anything in our favor.

Getting rid of John Bolton was the beginning of the latest psyop campaign, as Bolton represents a hated element among many liberty activists and the establishment had no choice but to finally reduce his footprint in the White House. However, this was too little too late, as many conservatives are already well aware of the many other elites permeating Trump’s cabinet. He would have to get rid of ALL of them in order to impress us. And so, the elites moved on to phase two…

The latest Ukrainian scandal and the potential impeachment of Trump is a perfect example of globalist reverse psychology. Like Russiagate, the impeachment inquiry will likely go nowhere, and it’s not meant to go anywhere.  The elites have no intention of removing Trump from office and they never did.  The purpose of the Ukraine scandal is actually twofold: 

First, it will indeed pull many conservatives back onto the Trump train as they assume the establishment is “out to get him” even though he is working directly with them.

Second, the Ukraine scandal will blow back on Joe Biden, removing him from the Democratic running for president, leaving the door open for either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.  The elites do not appear to want Biden in 2020 and are constructing a narrative in which he bows out of the race or loses extensive ground in the primaries.  I continue to predict, as I did in July, that Elizabeth Warren will be the Democratic candidate in 2020 (some people laughed when I suggested this in July…I don’t see too many of them laughing now as Warren pulls into a virtual tie with Biden in the polls).  Whether or not this will translate to a second term for Trump, or the end of the line, it is too early to tell.

I would note, however, that Warren was the first Democratic candidate to suggest that an economic crash was on the horizon, and I believe this is setting the stage for her to become an “I told you so” candidate in 2020.  If this is the case, then Trump is probably slated to lose the election.

Another crumb thrown to conservatives is the sudden reopening of discussion on the Clinton emails.  This will lead some liberty activists to assume that MAYBE, this time, Trump is going to follow through on his claim that he would investigate and prosecute the Clintons.  I say this, though I think many reading this already know:  Trump is not going to touch the Clintons. But he will pretend he is looking into the matter if it helps lure conservatives back into the false narrative, but that is all.

Trump’s UN speech in which he criticized globalism was the latest and perhaps the most blatant attempt to sucker conservatives into thinking maybe Trump is indeed “playing 4D chess”. He’s not. Rather, Trump is playing the role he has always played, just as he played his role on WWE Wrestling, or his role in The Apprentice; it is Trump’s JOB to attack the globalists, and it is their job to PRETEND to attack him. All the while the real targets of attack are conservatives, sovereignty activists and freedom advocates.

What is the purpose of this facade, this fake wrestling match between Trump and the elites? To get conservatives invested in a false paradigm, to co-opt our movement and our momentum, and ultimately to chain us to Trump’s reputation and then drown us when he goes down. While activists wait around for Trump to take action against the globalists, they sit idle accomplishing very little. While activists put all their hopes in Trump as a solution to the globalist problem, they remain unprepared for the fallout when it’s revealed that he was a complete waste of time. The masterstroke of the elites using Trump as a weapon is that ONE MAN might be able to nullify the activism of millions.

The solution?  To remain continually vigilant of Trump’s rhetoric and policies and to call him out when he does anything that violates constitutional principles or anything that aids the globalists in their efforts to trigger an economic reset.  I have to laugh, because the globalists may have made a fatal error in relying on Trump as a means to bring down conservatives and the liberty movement.  By placing all their eggs in one basket (or all their strings on one puppet), they have left themselves open to influence by liberty activists.  The more we call out Trump on his strange behaviors, his connections to the establishment and his flip flopping, the less useful he is to them.  They will have to continually adapt their tactics to us (they already have been), or perhaps even postpone efforts to crash the markets or implement draconian Red Flag laws.  By our investigative efforts, we can buy time for the movement to grow, and this bodes ill for the elites in the long run.

*  *  *

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Eric Trump slams media ‘hypocrisy’ on Bidens’ business deals: ‘The entire media turns a blind eye’

Trump Organization executive vice president Eric Trump claimed the media would be camped outside his New York City apartment if he acted like Hunter Biden, son of Democratic 2020 presidential frontrunner Joe Biden.

Comment on Fox News Host Fired for Suggesting Democrats Don’t Pray to God, Worship Pagan God Instead by Christian Gains

I watched the night that Mr Murdock gave the “KEYS TO HIS KINGDOM” to his two boys…AND! Within minutes, the WIVES were giving those WIMPS the orders!!!??? AND!

FOX has been moving WILLINGLY LEFT, CONSISTENTLY, since then!!! NOW…they GENUINELY no longer have the MORAL STANDARDS that once made them the “DELPORABLES” FAVORITE & MOST TRUSTED, News Program!

We SHOULD have KNOWN what was up, when Greta Van Sustren moved out & took up Field Missionary work! (Something I did for 40+ yrs.)…

Unfortunately, FOX is dangerously NEAR it’s last REAL NEWS CAST….

Global Opinion On China Is Divided

Global Opinion On China Is Divided

China has marked the 70th anniversary of Communist Party rule with a parade involving 15,000 soldiers and advanced military hardware.

However, as Statista’s Niall McCarthy notes, the celebrations have been overshadowed by the outbreak of fierce anti-government protests in Hong Kong which have occurred in defiance of a protest ban.

At least one of the activists is in a serious condition after being shot in the chest at point blank range by the police.

Amidst the demonstrations and celebrations, a Pew Research Center survey found that global views of China are mixed.

Infographic: Global Opinion On China Is Divided | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

The infographic above shows a selection of countries from the polling with 85 percent of respondents in Japan holding a negative view of China. Unsurprisingly given the trade war, 60 percent of people in the U.S. also hold an unfavorable view of China.

The Russian public is far more positive with 71 percent viewing China favorably, according to Pew Research.

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REPORT: Diplomat never ‘fully on the Trump train’ set to appear as first witness in Ukraine probe: ‘He’s not going to take a fall’

As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by

Washington (CNN) — Former US Special Envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker appears Thursday before three congressional committees — the first official to testify on explosive whistleblower charges that President Donald Trump tried to pressure Ukraine to investigate his Democratic rival Joe Biden, an effort the White House then worked to cover up.

A longtime Republican foreign policy expert who was seen in the White House as not fully “on the Trump train,” Volker is now at the center of the impeachment inquiry examining allegations Trump deployed the machinery of state in a vendetta to target political rivals.

The article goes on to state the following:

Volker’s testimony, analysts say, could be damaging to the President and his allies.

“’He’s not going to take a fall needlessly for people if it’s not warranted,’ said Evelyn Farkas, [Volker’s] friend who worked as deputy assistant secretary of defense for three years under Barack Obama,” the Washington Examiner reported.

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Report: Planned Parenthood Used ‘Shell Company’ to Build Secret ‘Mega’ Abortion Clinic

Planned Parenthood used a “shell company” to build an 18,000-square-foot “mega” abortion clinic in southern Illinois in secret, a CBS News report reveals.

Which Data Skills Do You Need To Get Ahead In The Next 10 Years?

Which Data Skills Do You Need To Get Ahead In The Next 10 Years?

Submitted by Priceonomics,

In 2011, entrepreneur and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously posited thatsoftware is eating the world. His point was that nearly all industries are being upended by software and as a result, the seemingly safe jobs of senior executives could evaporate unless they adapt with the times. 

Today, data is eating the world. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things and data analytics are creeping into companies across the globe, and being data literate will be table stakes for business leaders. In this article, we aim to document the growing belief among senior business executives that learning data skills are critical to their jobs and future career advancement.

Earlier this year, Splunk commissioned a survey of over 1300 global business leaders to help determine just how important data skills are, which countries value them the most for career advancement, and which skills in particular are most prized.

The survey found that well over 80% of executives say that data skills are required for promotion in their companies. Of all the countries analyzed, executives in China said their companies valued data skills the highest. However, while many executives noted data literacy was critical for advancement, the survey shows that many executives are actually resistant to learning new data skills. Why? When asked, many business leaders simply stated they were “too old” to learn, which was another way of saying data is hard


The value of data in the enterprise is multifold. The Economist has declared data to be the world’s most valuable resource while Forrester states it’s “the new currency of business.” When asked, executives in the survey tend to agree; data drives organizational success on multiple vectors:

In nearly every aspect of management, data is rated as extremely or very valuable. While data has traditionally been used to drive efficiency, the above chart hints at its emerging use cases for identifying growth and innovation, as well as a cybersecurity line of defense.

It’s potentially challenging to get 80%+ of executives to agree on anything, but the survey reveals that business leaders think data skills are now a requirement for becoming a senior leader and those skills will only become more valuable over time.

The survey also looked at geographic variation in how business executives view the value of data skills. Is data literacy disproportionately a requirement for success in one country versus another?

On each question regarding the value of data skills, Chinese business leaders scored highest on emphasizing its importance. Over 90% of respondents in China noted that they need data skills to get promoted and that data literacy was a requirement for entering senior management. Even for  general office work, 88% of respondents in China noted that data skills were a requirement. If data skills are table stakes for competing in the global economy in the future, Chinese businesses are foremost in recognizing this education need.

Just what does it mean to be data literate in the modern enterprise? Data literacy can be split into two different components: hard skills such as using programs to analyze the data and soft skills such as using judgment to visualize and interpret the data. Hard skills involve working with data sets and using programs to produce results. Softer skills are often built up over time by practicing your hard skills and gaining a judgment around how to interpret and confidently lead data-driven teams.

Given that nearly all executives surveyed recognized the value of data skills, it was surprising that many business leaders are reluctant to pick up new data skills later in their career. 73% of executives surveyed stated that data skills were more difficult for them to pick up than other business skills. Additionally 53% of those surveyed stated they felt they were “too old” to learn data skills (qualitative research on the same leaders shows what they’re really saying is “data is too hard”).

Executives know they need to pick up data skills to stay competitive in the workplace yet resist doing so because of the perceived difficulty. For companies, investing in data skills training programs is a way to upskill their workforces with skills that executives may not pick up on their own.

Demand for data skills continues to rise

The demand for data skills in the enterprise continues its inexorable rise. If a company’s existing workforce is slow to pick up data skills, companies look to external hires to fill the gaps. This trend is evidenced by job sites where data-related positions are skyrocketing. On LinkedIn, data related jobs dominate the “fastest growing jobs” lists.

On the Indeed job search engine, the growth in data-related job postings continues. One proxy for this is to look at the rate of job postings for data scientists, which has grown over 50% in just the last 2 years:

While data science jobs get a lot of publicity as a “hot career,” the reality is data science is not the only data-related career with high growth and demand. Dataquest, a data learning company, notes that jobs as diverse as operations analyst to digital marketing manager all require some level of advanced data skills, are highly demanded by employers, and command high salaries. 


At a recent conference, Morgan Stanley CTO of Infrastructure Tsvi Gal stated “We [may be] in banking, but we live and die on information…. Data analytics is the oxygen of Wall Street.” As more traditional industries compete on the basis of gleaning insights from data, the demand for data literate executives will continue to rise. The dominant companies of the 21st century may not just be those that use data most effectively, but those who successfully retrain their existing workforce to effectively compete in a world where data is eating everything.

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