Mark Levin: Trump Speech ‘Outstanding’; Pelosi, Schumer ‘Are Pathological Liars’

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Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” after President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address and the joint response given by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), syndicated conservative talker Mark Levin praised Trump for the address but excoriated Schumer and Pelosi for their response. Levin called Pelosi and Schumer “pathological liars” and went on to point out their previous positions on a wall. “First of all, the president gave an outstanding speech. It was concise. It was compassionate — truly compassionate. He provided the context both in terms of what’s going on in the border: the expense, which is de minimis and who is really responsible. Now, let’s keep a few things in mind when you watch Schumer and Pelosi, they are pathological liars. They have been in Congress over half a century. What the hell have they done about the border? They are part of the scam artists. They get amnesty, legalization, citizenship, and never secure the border. Just spend billions and trillions more — more debt, more deficits on the redistribution of wealth, on $200 billion a year on illegal aliens. One more time: They fooled Reagan. They fooled Bush 41. They fooled


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Author: Jeff Poor

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