It was weird, though I tried this years ago and it was a mind-blowing experience. In this video, as you will see, he guides you to an alternate self/past life you. My experience was – too strange – but I saw me as a boy in an old confederate uniform. I found money in a forest – weird right- and my father as I observed him to be, hit me and said, “Money is bad, leave it now!” It was money from,  I guess, an opposing solider who had dropped it in the forest. So I left it and followed my mean-past papa out of the forest. I wonder what would be if we took that money? The mind is a brilliant canvas- use it.

Also note, as he says in the first video, wherever your imagination takes you IS THE RIGHT PLACE. So don’t get flustered and think, “Oh, I don’t know if I’m here or I’m just making it up.”

Remember, when you do close your eyes, look up toward the center of your head- third eye- slightly.


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