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Pizzagate and Beyond – The Big Picture


Dissecting the #PizzaGate Conspiracy Theories – The New York Times

PizzaGate: How a rumor grew into a fake news storm tailor-made for the internet.

Source: Dissecting the #PizzaGate Conspiracy Theories – The New York Times

Dissecting the #PizzaGate
Conspiracy Theories

The most cited email revolved around a handkerchief left at a house Mr. Podesta visited with a real estate agent. It led to speculation that the handkerchief and map on it were clues to some sort of wrongdoing.

Claim: The emails contained
coded messages about pedophilia.
The term “cheese pizza” had previously been used on 4chan as code for “child pornography.” An anonymous user speculated that other food-related terms could also have double meanings.

An anonymous post on 4chan’s “so-called alt-right” discussion board in November.

This interpretation spread, and other emails containing supposed code words were reinterpreted as evidence of pedophile activity. For example, this 2015 email was taken as an inquiry about providing sexual services. (more)


Let’s talk about Tony Podesta’s art collection.

Oh, Tony. Tony, Tony, Tony! It looks bad for Tony.


Tony Podesta’s gorgeous spiral staircase with a large format image of a baby in a diaper being pinched hard on his or her kidney area. Kidney.
�������Spirit Cooking” Figurine covered in dried blood sitting outside Tony Podesta’s home.

Yes, that is a portrait of Marina Abramovic hanging on Tony’s wall.
This is a cage inside Tony Podesta’s bedroom. Tony has no children living with him.
Did we mention he has an underground “movie theater” he uses for “large pieces”???! (Also look up “Elephant Walk”)
Large format nude man on Tony Podesta’s wall.
I ….. don’t… know….

Now, Who is Marina Abramovic? The spirit cooker that Tony Podesta was referring to. 


photographMarina Abramović (Serbian CyrillicМарина Абрамовићpronounced [marǐːna abrǎːmoʋitɕ]; born November 30, 1946) is a Serbianperformance artist.[1] Her work explores the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind. Active for over four decades, Abramović has been described as the “grandmother of performance art.” She pioneered a new notion of identity by bringing in the participation of observers, focusing on “confronting pain, blood, and physical limits of the body.”[2]

Spirit Cooking Summary

The images were too disturbing for Weather Internal. Click the Link above to learn.



Spirit Cooking was the first project Jacob Samuel produced with his portable aquatint box, working with Abramovic—a performance artist with little printmaking experience—in her Amsterdam studio. The artist chose to make a cookbook, writing a series of “aphrodisiac recipes” that serve as evocative instructions for actions or thoughts. To allow the artist to create the accompanying etchings in a manner consistent with her body-oriented practice, Samuel prepared the plates with soft ground so she could scratch directly onto the surface with her fingernails and encouraged her to work with spitbite, using her own saliva with nitric acid to paint on the plate.

Kickstarter fundraising campaign for Abramovic’s institute raised more than $600,000.

Who is Marina Abramovic? New York Magazine did a feature on Abramovic last month. She is a 70-year-old, Yugoslavian-born performance artist. She has collaborated with people such as Jay-Z and Lady Gaga. Her art is certainly out of the mainstream to many Americans, yet she can draw a crowd. In a 2010 exhibition in New York, reportedly 750,000 people lined up to stare at Abramovic, including James Franco.

While Abramovic’s act is certainly bizarre, we don’t yet know if she is a portal into some depraved world that has engulfed Podesta or the Hillary campaign. But hanging out with her is certainly not something I think a lot of Americans would rush to do.



PIZZAGATE  NEW TUNNEL DISCOVERY; Connects At Least 4 Of Alefantis’s Properties

by Fortifide, published on Steemit, on February 28, 2017


As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.”
There are miles of old abandoned water tunnels directly under a lot of Alefantis’s properties of interest. The picture above is of workmen in one of the tunnels circa 1900s.
First off there is a bit of background on the tunnels then there’s a map outlining all the properties of interest in relation to the tunnel network. I’ve also included examples of some of the tunnels discovered.


The Washington Aqueduct

The Washington Aqueduct, managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, provides wholesale water treatment services to DC Water and its partners in Northern Virginia, Arlington County and Falls Church. – DC Water

The Origin of Washington’s Water Supply ? Architect of the Capital

  • Built in 1864 by Montgomery Meigs and the Army Corps of Engineers.
  • The Washington Aqueduct forms the central node in DC’s water infrastructure.
  • Water splits into a set of parallel conduits and is gravity fed 9 miles from Great Falls, Maryland to Dalecarlia Reservoir.


1864 | Reference | Original
Precast conduit segments for the Washington Aqueduct.


  • Water continues under Reservoir Road near Georgetown Reservoir and Glover Archibald Park.
  • The aqueduct crosses Rock Creek Valley inside the Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge structurally supported by two 48-inch (122cm) arching water pipes.


  • The conduits then begin to branch out in a network of smaller and smaller pipes that eventually connect with individual houses.
  • In total 12 miles of conduit, 11 tunnels, 6 bridges, pump stations, pipelines, and 2 reservoirs were built. – National Park Service

Note that just before the aqueduct crosses Rock Creek it branches off left into Georgetown.


1864 | Reference
A close up of the Washington Aqueduct tunnels in downtown Washington. Note they pass straight through the White House.


1865 | Reference | Original1 | Original2

  • In the mid-1920’s a second conduit was added to increase the capacity of the system – National Park Service

The conduit is the largest structure of the water system. It stretches almost 12 miles downriver from the intake at Great Falls to the Georgetown Reservoir. The circular tube, built of brick, stone and mortar, is 9 feet in diameter. It was constructed by tunneling and by deep rock cuts. A road was built parallel to the conduit to facilitate cleaning repairs and inspections. The road was originally named Conduit Road, today it is MacArthur Boulevard.


1920s | Reference | Original1 | Original2
Route of the Washington Aqueduct conduit.


The Washington Aqueduct | YouTube
This short documentary talks about only 1 conduit used at a time. We only see the conduit down as far as Georgetown Reservoir.

Cities of the Underworld – Washington DC: Seat of Power | YouTube
This documentary give a good insight into the what the tunnels look like under DC.


The Washington City (Lydecker) Tunnel


The Washington (Lydecker) Tunnel, completed in 1901 by the Army Corps of Engineers, is up to 10 meters in diameter and runs 4 miles from Georgetown Reservoir to McMillain Reservoir. Shortly after in 1926 a second tunnel was dug beside it.

The Lydecker Tunnel Fiasco | Architect of the Capital

  • Within a decade the District’s population had increased by 75% and it was clear that a larger system was necessary.
  • The Army Corps of Engineers’ proposed the McMillan reservoir NE Washington
  • In 1882 Major Garret Lydecker started building a 4 mile long tunnel connecting the new McMillan Reservoir (east) with the existing Georgetown Reservoir (west).
  • The project was marred in corruption. Eventually Lydecker received a court-martialed for his role in the fiasco and was banished to the Rocky Mountains.

The Washington Post describes the reality: “A committee of experts went through the tunnel and found that instead of a solid lining, thousands and thousands of feet of the tunnel contained nothing more than a brick arch, with spaces between the sides and the top of the arch and the original rock large enough to drive a coach through.”

  • The Army Corps of Engineers finished the tunnel by 1901

This map shows the proposed route of the Washington Tunnel.


1883 | Reference | Original
This map shows the water distribution network for Washington DC. The Washington Tunnel is the red broken line running left across the map from McMillan Reservoir. The old Washington Aqueduct conduit is also shown in solid red lines.


1900 | Reference | Original

A Brief History of Bloomingdale | Bloomingdale DC

The Army Corps added the McMillan Park Reservoir and the Washington City Tunnel (10 meters in diameter and 4 miles long) between 1882 and 1902.

Bryant Street pumping station Final Seminar Project | By Justin Kockritz

A second tunnel paralleling the original was completed in 1926 which allowed the Lydecker Tunnel to be periodically closed for routine maintenance without noticeably interrupting water service.

Configuration of the Bedrock Surface of the District of Columbia and Vicinity | usgs.gov
The diagram below shows a cross section of the tunnel. There are several vertical air shafts.


Original, p.31 | Reference

In the Widows Mite air shaft just north of Wyoming Avenue, near the line of Twenty-second Street, the official section shows a capping of “clay and sand 30 feet thick” underlain by 35 feet of “clay,” but this is undoubtedly a mistake, as the gneiss has been revealed by many cellars in this vicinity under only a few feet of terrace gravel and sand. In the air shaft on the highest part of the ridge near the corner of Sand Thirty-fifth Streets the blueprint of the tunnel section shows 42 feet of “clay” lying on “soft rock” at a depth of 158.7 feet, but in fact the rotted bedrock out-cropping extensively in that area is overlain by very thin remnants of terrace gravel at 195 feet above sea level. Probably the clay referred to is mostly rctten rock.

Merging the two maps produced this.




Properties of Interest





John ‘Pizzagate’ Podesta Forced To Testify Before Congress – Media Blackout


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Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map” A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks: Treasure Trove of Maps, Diagrams, Org Charts, and Family Tree


Source: allnewspipeline.com/Child_Sex_Trafficking.php

Bigger And Uglier Than PizzaGate (Pedo-Gate)  – The Real Number Of Child Victims Will Shock You


By Susan Duclos – All News Pipeline

While many have heard the term “Pizzagate,”  so accurately dubbed “Pedo-Gate” by Steve Quayle, which began with claims that information found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop revealed the existence of a pedophilia ring. From there it snowballed after Wikileaks released the Podesta emails, where references to food, such as “Hot Dogs,” Pizza,” “Cheese,”  and others were claimed to have been “keyword” references to children and sex.

We have been asked here at ANP why we haven’t reported on “Pizzagate,” and our response was simple, there was so much true information mixed in with so much disinformation (most likely by people trying to discredit Alternative Media), that separating the two is, in and of itself, a full-time job.

That response stands……. but with all the reporting of “conspiracy theory,” and claims that all of “Pizzagate” is just “Fake News,” what the MSM and many others are missing, is the chance to use this issue in an attempt to finally get Americans to acknowledge and engage in an issue that has been ongoing and which affects children in all 50 states.



Child sex trafficking is an ugly reality, it is something that Americans would rather not look too deeply into, and yet right now with “Pizzagate” driving headlines all across the internet, is the perfect time to highlight the statistics, the numbers, the very lucrative business it has become not only across the world, but right here in America.

In 2014 it was reported that over 100,000 child in America, a year, were victims of sex trafficking, and those numbers are low because many of the victims are silenced because they are still enslaved. According to some reports, there are 100,000 to 300,000 underage girls being sold for sex in America each year. Those numbers do not represent the overall totals when those not considered minors are included.

According to the International Labour Organization in 2014, worldwide, whether it is sexual exploitation or economic exploitation, trafficking has become a very lucrative business for traffickers, bringing them &150 billion a year.

The ILO report, Profits and Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labour , said two thirds of the estimated total of US$ 150 billion, or US$ 99 billion, came from commercial sexual exploitation, while another US$ 51 billion resulted from forced economic exploitation, including domestic work, agriculture and other economic activities.

In Septemeber 2016, Fact Retriever published “55 Little Know Facts About Human Trafficking,” with a few pertinent to this article shown below.

– Approximately 75-80% of human trafficking is for sex

– An estimated 30,000 victims of sex trafficking die each year from abuse, disease, torture, and neglect. Eighty percent of those sold into sexual slavery are under 24, and some are as young as six years old.

– Although human trafficking is often a hidden crime and accurate statistics are difficult to obtain, researchers estimate that more than 80% of trafficking victims are female. Over 50% of human trafficking victims are children.

– Most human trafficking in the United States occurs in New York, California, and Florida. – Sex traffickers often recruit children because not only are children more unsuspecting and vulnerable than adults, but there is also a high market demand for young victims. Traffickers target victims on the telephone, on the Internet, through friends, at the mall, and in after-school programs.

– Belgium, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Thailand, Turkey, and the U.S. are ranked very high as destination countries of trafficked victims.

– Women are trafficked to the U.S. largely to work in the sex industry (including strip clubs, peep and touch shows, massage parlors that offer sexual services, and prostitution). They are also trafficked to work in sweatshops, domestic servitude, and agricultural work.

– Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises because it holds relatively low risk with high-profit potential. Criminal organizations are increasingly attracted to human trafficking because, unlike drugs, humans can be sold repeatedly.

– In approximately 54% of human trafficking cases, the recruiter is a stranger, and in 46% of the cases, the recruiters know the victim. Fifty-two percent of human trafficking recruiters are men, 42% are women, and 6% are both men and women.

– Human traffickers often work with corrupt government officials to obtain travel documents and seize passports.

– Human trafficking has been reported in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and in some U.S. territories.

Below is the 2015 annual statistical report from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC). The following information is based on incoming signals made to the NHTRC from January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015 about human trafficking cases and issues related to human trafficking in the United States and U.S. territories. Signals refer to incoming communications with the NHTRC and can take the form of phone calls, online tip reports, or emails. Signals regarding topics unrelated to human trafficking are not included in this report. In 2015, the NHTRC received a total of 24,757 signals nationwide.

On page three and four of the embedded document below is a list of states with the number of reports received in each state. (more)

Image result for pizzagate map

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