Obama’s Claim That He Broke a Racist Classmate’s Nose Is Met with Skepticism

For Americans who’ve spent years with Barack Obama in the public eye, this might be hard to believe.

But after eight years in the White House, three full-blown autobiographies and countless public appearances where the issue of race has either been the main topic of talk or was bubbling just beneath the surface, the 44th president still has at least one story he never told before.

And he was striking a blow against racism — literally.

In an episode of his podcast “Renegades: Born in the USA” released Monday with the liberal singer Bruce Springsteen, Obama brought up a hitherto unknown episode from his teen years in Hawaii, when a then-friend called him a racial slur during a locker room confrontation.

Listen to the anecdote below. It starts at about the 28:40 mark.

“And one time we got into a fight and he called me a c—,” Obama said, using the racial slur that rhymes with “soon.”

“Now first of all, ain’t no c—s in Hawaii, right?” Obama said.

“It’s one of those things where he might not even known what a c— was — what he knew was, ‘I can hurt you by saying this,’” Obama said.

“And I remember I popped him in the face and broke his nose. And we were in the locker room. And suddenly, blood’s pouring down. And it was just a reaction. I said, ‘What?’ and I popped him.

“And he said, ‘Why’d you do that?’”

“I explained to him, I said, ‘Don’t you ever call me something like that,” Obama said.

For Obama watchers, the story had to come as some surprise, since nothing like it has ever even been hinted at before. As The Hill noted with considerable understatement: “It is believed to the first time the former president has discussed the incident publicly.”

Now, in the pantheon of convenient memories of Democratic politicians, this might not rank up there with some of the greats.

Hillary Clinton’s fabulist daring dash under sniper fire in Bosnia is a classic, for instance. Cory Booker’s imaginary drug-dealing friend T-Bone is always an honorable mention.

And Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden, the man who now holds the title of president of the United States, is probably the national champion of self-serving story-telling, such as witnessing a battlefield Silver Star ceremony that never happened, or getting arrested in South Africa trying to see Nelson Mandela (also never happened) or marching in the civil rights movement (again, never happened).

Unlike Clinton’s sniper-fire story, or Biden’s countless Walter Mitty escapades, there’s a quality of near-credibility to Obama’s story. For instance, he was, undoubtedly, a teenager at some point. Probably played basketball, and in all likelihood had a friend.

So the story can’t be dismissed out of hand. The problem is that it’s only coming up now.

Barack Obama has been a part of the American public conversation since making a splash with his speech during the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and that conversation has been very much about race for all of Obama’s political career. But it doesn’t come out until now that he was physically fighting against racism even as a gangly youth?

Naturally, there were Obamaphiles gushing about the story on social media (there will always be Obamaphiles gushing on social media). But it was greeted with more than a little skepticism, too.

It’s important to keep in mind that Obama has never been above playing a race card when it suited his political purposes. This is the man,  remember, who threw gasoline on the fire of the Trayvon Martin shooting in 2012 by declaring “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

The fact that there is very good reason to believe that Martin was engaged in a brutal attack on a neighborhood watch volunteer named George Zimmerman at the time of the shooting was not part of Obama’s equation at the time, and never became part of his conversation later.

It’s entirely possible, of course, that a politician like Obama could have spent almost two decades in the national media spotlight and kept silent about this story.

It’s possible he never found an opportunity to say a word about it when the national obsession with racial questions peaked over the Martin shooting, and again over Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York City and, of course, George Floyd in Minneapolis.

It’s possible that in the era of the Black Lives Matter movement, this kind of incident really did take place and Obama never so much as mentioned it before.

It’s possible, of course. It’s just hard to believe.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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It Begins: St. Joseph University Professor Suspended After Tweeting Out Against Reparations for Slavery that Ended 156 Years Ago

St. Joseph’s University, a Jesuit institution, suspended Math professor Gregory Manco after he tweeted out against reparations for the ancestors of slavery in the United States.

Slavery was ended by Republican Abraham Lincoln 156 years ago in 1856.

So now you’re not allowed to argue against reparations?
This is the new rule on college campuses?

The College Fix reported:

Gregory Manco, a math professor at St. Joseph’s University, has been suspended by administrators for tweets in which he argued against slavery reparations and racial bias training.

A written notice from the school’s human resources department to Manco called the tweets “biased or discriminatory,” and he has since been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

At issue are three tweets from his anonymous account, “South Jersey Giants.”

In one, Manco compared slavery reparations to the great-great-grandchild of a murder victim asking the perpetrator’s great-great-grandchild for compensation.

“Now get this racist reparation bullshit out of your head for good,” he added in his tweet.

In the second, he argued racial bias training “divides us and *worsens* race relations.”

In the third, he responded, “Yet here you still are” to a woman who said that black people and Native Americans “have been hurt horribly” in America.

For that, campus leaders have removed Manco from the classroom.

“We thank our students for bringing to our attention a possible violation of our values. The University launched an investigation into a report of bias. The faculty member will not be in the classroom or in a coaching role while the investigation is conducted,” Director of Public Relations and Media Gail Benner wrote in an email to The College Fix.

When The Fix asked Benner what, specifically, was objectionable about Manco’s tweets, she wrote back that “the statement is our full comment on the issue.”

Manco tweeted this out after his suspension.

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Can We Reform a FBI that Behaves Like a Gestapo?

FBI arrests Roger Stone at his home and Gestapo officials

Short answer–I doubt it. But it is a legitimate question to raise because there are still some patriots serving within the ranks of the FBI who are beyond distraught over the gross politicization of their once proud, respected organization. Some of the men and women with 20 years in are simply counting days and hours until they can punch out. There is genuine, deep seated hatred for Christopher Wray and his coterie of lackeys eager to suckle on the teat of the Deep State.

The final straw for many in the bureau is the dishonest response to the January 6 swarm at the U.S. Capitol. For starters, the FBI had intelligence about Antifa’s plans to infiltrate the crowds of Trump supporters and incite violence.  But the FBI also was manipulating some of the very groups labeled as “white supremacists”, e.g. the Proud Boys.

Proud Boy President, Enrique “Henry” Tarrio, we now know has been an FBI provocateur/informant since 2013:

Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys extremist group, has a past as an informer for federal and local law enforcement, repeatedly working undercover for investigators after he was arrested in 2012, according to a former prosecutor and a transcript of a 2014 federal court proceeding obtained by Reuters.

In the Miami hearing, a federal prosecutor, a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and Tarrio’s own lawyer described his undercover work and said he had helped authorities prosecute more than a dozen people in various cases involving drugs, gambling and human smuggling.

Tarrio, in an interview with Reuters on Tuesday, denied working undercover or cooperating in cases against others. “I don’t know any of this,’” he said, when asked about the transcript. “I don’t recall any of this.”

This is an old ploy of the FBI. Use an informant or cooperator to infiltrate a group. Once inside that person can become the spark for enticing other members to commit criminal acts. For example, the “infiltrator” could start talking up the need to carry weapons to a protest and be prepared to fight an outside agitators, such as Antifa. He could even provide money and weapons to make it happen. Anybody who embraces the idea and agrees to act is now entrapped. Once the suckers are arrested and locked up the FBI gets to take a victory lap and claim it stopped terrorism. See how it works?

Was Tarrio used to set up Proud Boys at the Capitol on January 6? Was Tarrio  the idea guy who encouraged actions that subsequently created legal risk for those who tried to carry them out. And Tarrio? He was conveniently out of the picture, having been arrested shortly after arriving in DC on January 4th and kept away from the mayhem at the Capitol.

While the FBI leadership is doing everything in their power to paint honest, law-abiding Trump supporters as nascent terrorists eager to impose Ku Klux Klan rule across the nation, the frontline agents who are doing the interviews of “persons” of interest are coming up with nothing from the Trump folks. No evidence of planning, coordinating or executing violence.

What some are finding is that Antifa people–more than several dozen–were paid to go to Washington, DC and incite violence. But there is an unanswered question–will this evidence see the light of day? If Christopher Wray, the FBI Director, has his way it will be buried and kept from the public. He will give it the Hunter Biden laptop treatment.

I return to the question I posed as the title of this piece–Can the FBI Stop Acting Like a Modern Day Gestapo? The Gestapo was a highly politicized “police” force.

The Gestapo had the authority to investigate cases of treason, espionage, sabotage and criminal attacks on the Nazi Party and Germany. The basic Gestapo law passed by the government in 1936 gave the Gestapo carte blanche to operate without judicial review—in effect, putting it above the law.[26] The Gestapo was specifically exempted from responsibility to administrative courts, where citizens normally could sue the state to conform to laws.

I never imagined the day would come where I would be serious about comparing the FBI to the GESTAPO. But that day has come. We already have clear evidence of their criminal conduct in the cases of General Michael Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopolous and Roger Stone. Now we learn that the FBI, without a court order, is seizing the phone records of private citizens and members of Congress without a court order. It is an organization out of control and must be reined-in.

But that requires some legislators and judges with spine–a trait sorely lacking in Washington, DC at the moment. When you have Republican Leaders like Liz Cheney endorsing this outrage and fueling the lie that Trump supporters are white supremacists that must be extirpated, how can you expect any Democrat to step forward and protest.

I leave you with one simple recommendation–if the FBI contacts you and asks to talk tell them “NO.” Refuse to cooperate in any way. The FBI is no longer your friend.

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