BREAKING: Pennsylvania Judge Blocks State From Certifying Election Results

A Pennsylvania judge on Wednesday blocked the state from certifying election results in the presidential race and all other races pending an evidentiary hearing to be held on Friday.

Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough ordered the state to hold off on taking any further action to certify the results of the 2020 election.

“To the extent that there remains any further action to perfect the certification of the results of the 2020 General Election for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States of America, respondents are preliminarily enjoined from doing so, pending an evidentiary hearing to be held on Friday,” the judge wrote.

“Respondents are preliminarily enjoined from certifying the remaining results of the election, pending the evidentiary hearing.”

Recall, the Pennsylvania Secretary of State on Tuesday certified the presidential and vice-presidential election and Governor Wolf signed the Certificate of Ascertainment for the slate of elector for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

However, Republican lawmakers late Tuesday filed an emergency brief and argued there was no need to rush because Pennsylvania certified election results on December 12 in 2016.

The Republican lawmakers sued Governor Wolf, Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

The Republican plaintiffs, Congressman Mike Kelly, Sean Parnell, Wanda Logan and others argued that Pennsylvania’s vote-by-mail measure, Act 77, is in violation of the PA constitution.

The Epoch Times reported:

“Act 77 is the most expansive and fundamental change to the Pennsylvania voting code, implemented illegally, to date,” the lawsuit, filed in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, states.

“As with prior historical attempts to illegally expand mail-in voting by statute, which have been struck down going as far back as the Military Absentee Ballot Act of 1839, Act 77 is another illegal attempt to override the limitations on absentee voting prescribed in the Pennsylvania Constitution, without first following the necessary procedure to amend the constitution to allow for the expansion.”

The plaintiffs include Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.), Republican congressional candidate Sean Parnell, and Pennsylvania House of Representatives candidate Wanda Logan.

Marc Elias, one of the top attorneys leading the Democrats’ post-election legal battles, called the lawsuit frivolous.

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WATCH: Former Acting ICE Director Says Mexican Cartels Are Celebrating Prospect of Biden Presidency

Former acting ICE director Tom Homan said on Wednesday that Mexican cartels are celebrating the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency, because they know it will be easier to cross the border.

Homan issued the warning about Biden’s immigration plans during an appearance on Fox News. He explained that there is already a surge of border crossings because they think Biden will be president.

“The cartels are celebrating what is happening in this country right now because they are back in business. The border numbers are already going up because they think Joe Biden is going to be the president and they are open for business and the flow has already started,” Homan said. “It’s a Biden effect. It’s already happening.”

Homan served as the acting ICE director under President Trump.

“President Trump, whether you like him or love him, he has been more successful on this border than any president I worked for, starting with Ronald Reagan,” Homan said

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COVID Death Rates Are Falling As Treatment Improves, Experts Say

Death rates from the coronavirus are falling in the United States showing that treatments for the coronavirus are advancing, infectious-disease experts told the Wall Street Journal. Data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington (IHME) shows that the virus is only killing about 0.6% of those infected, the WSJ […]



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